Best Cardboard VR Games

What is more exciting for game freaks like you when you get to enjoy the amazing experience of Virtual Reality gaming! You can now feel the game,just like you are actually inside of it. No more 2D when you can get to experience and interact in a 3D environment. Even then, you know things are going to be a bit expensive when you really want this 3D effect in your gaming life. That is where the Google Cardboard VR games become a blessing!

best cardboard games

When other VR gaming platforms require a high- tech set of tools, with Google Cardboard games, you just need a pretty good smartphone to step into the virtual reality world. A cardboard made head mount is all you need. We have a fold-out cardboard viewer and on it’s back we place the smartphone , then view using the lens. Enjoy the real gaming experience at a low-cost. Let us check which all are best cardboard VR games of now.

1. Proton Pulse
If you are someone who likes all these psychedelic music and images, this is your thing! With all bright and thrilling music, a stylish brick breaker game. Lots of fun guaranteed now with Proton Pulse if you are into this neon colours! All you have to do is just look if you have to go to a particular direction. Best choice for a price efficient game! Start breaking the bricks now.

2. War of Words VR
This is undoubtedly one of the best VR experience you can get with the cardboard tool. Heard of Siegfried Sassoon’s poem ‘The Kiss’? This interesting game presents before you that controversial poem, taking place on a battlefield. You get set with the rifle in for war and attack your enemy! Beautifully visually represented Virtual Reality where you actually be in a war zone and nothing but horror takes you over. Not too much interactivity is seen but hope for a more developed version of the same coming soon.

Developed by filmmaker Chris Milk, who has a very good experience in video making. This app is different in its own style. This amazing game takes us from one pleasant beginning to somewhere else by the end(which is surely not to be said!). You start your trip with the sight of a calm and beautiful lake, Then things start changing,you see a swarm of flies and then it takes you to a different scene. It is a trippy application you are gonna like!

4. InMind
Ever seen or heard of the movie Innerspace? We can say it is somewhat like that, where you are someone who is trying to fix someone’s body from the inside. A very easy-to-pick up game, short but lots of fun! You play this game in your brain, the whole thing takes place nowhere but inside a brain. As told, you are someone trying to fix a patient’s brain, fixing all the broken neurons which keep on turning from red to green once you spot them with your eyes.